Monday, February 8, 2010

One week to go!!!

Time for this baby to head on out! Justin keeps telling him to 'head for the light!'
Here are some pics of the last few months and some prego pics for those who've been asking.



9 months...whoa!!

Grandma of the babe

Presents for Lincoln!

Shower Friends!


With my baby daddy

With my poppa - 8 months

Thanksgiving - 7 months

6 months

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ahhh, the 'skinnier' days

At 7 months prego, I'm feeling like a cow these days, so I decided to look back on our engagement pics to fonldy reflect on what it is like to look down and see my toes. When Justin and I got married, we never got engagement pictures. So when one of my dear friends who has her own photography business offered to take them for us last May, we jumped at the chance! Even though they were taken 1 1/2 years after we were married, we still call them our engagement pictures. Pretty sure we were pregnant at the time and just didn't know it yet! Here are a few of our favs. Thanks to Erin Gadd and Pink Daffodil Photography!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Justin and Melissa & 1/2

I guess its about time I do a post for anyone out there still checking our blog! I discovered facebook not long ago and that has been occupying most of the little time I spend on the computer. I figured since I'm almost to my third trimester of pregnancy, I better post something, because "the boss" will be here before we know it and then who knows when I will have time to blog?!?

So to update:
We are beside ourselves that we are pregnant and Justin is just over the moon that we are having a little boy! (We were both secretly hoping for a boy) We kind of knew it was our little son even before it was confirmed. In fact we have been calling him by his name pretty much from the moment we knew I was prego. He's due to arrive on Valentine's Day and we are not so secretly hoping that he comes 2 days early, because then he will be born on his namesake's birthday, Lincoln. I don't have many pics to share because our camera broke, but here's his first debut picture, I guess you could say.

Cute little profile

Me at the 1/2 way mark

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grand Opening!!!

Good news on the homefront! My dad just started a gym! When his current gym went under, he didn't like the other gym options available, so what did he do? He just decided to start his own! Its right in Sugarhouse on 2100 South and just above 7th East where Guthrie Bicycle used to be. His partner and co-owner of the gym is an amazing personal trainer recruited by other gyms across the country to manage and operate their centers. But, he wanted something to call his own, so they put their heads together and created Square One Fitness. Their gym is beautiful with brand new equipment! Its a smaller more intimate setting, like Curves or Anytime Fitness only their the monthly fees are more affordable (seriously an awesome deal), and they have equipment not found anywhere else in Utah. The best part is, Jeff his partner is an amazing personal trainer. You should see my mom's results!!! She has worked out every day for the past like 15 years and in just 10 weeks of working with Jeff she has transformed her cute little body with just a little tweaking. He tailors the program to your body type, metaboolism, etc and the results are incredible. If you are interested in joining or know anyone esle who may be please go check it out or call 801-467-4945. They have some deals going on right now too!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ta-Da! An Update!!!

I'm finally updating our blog after a long Hiatus!!! Sorry it's way back from Christmas, but that's kind of where I left off. We spent this one with the Taylors in Virginia. It was 8 crazy Italian, action-packed, fun-filled days! We miss them and wish we could see them more. Here are some pics from Richmond, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Washington DC.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Taylormade Readers: For those of you just dying to know what is going on in our fantastical lives, I promise I am not being a bad blogger! I really intend to upload our latest pictures from Christmas, etc., but it seems that we have lost our USB cord! Oops. I think it might be back in Virginia, but who knows? Its hard to keep track of all the cords you need these days to function! As soon as we get it or buy a new one, we will update our pics, I promise!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Trees, Families, and OG's

Temple lights with friends

Grandma Annie's Tribute Day. Justin was the official photographer, so sadly he isn't in many of the pics.

The grandkids

Festival of Trees!

We just couldn't pass by the U of U Tree without getting a pic!

My favorite tree. It was made of hand blown glass.

The group I belong to: Young Survivor Sisters, did a tree for the festival of trees in honor of young breast cancer survivors! Pink tree and all! Of course Justin and I wore our "Save the Ta-Tas" t-shirts to represent!

Justin's dream tree

Wooden Tree